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Switch to self-hosted blog

Posted by isilanes on February 25, 2008

This blog moves to: handyfloss.net.

This weekend I signed up for a hosting service with DreamHost. By the way, I used a promo code from dh.promo-codes.us.

Along with the hosting, I obtained a free domain, which allows me for a shorter blog name, which is: handyfloss.net.

I am in the process of moving my stuff there. Moving the posts and comments was easy. Probably statistics are not transferable (maybe it wouldn’t make sense, anyway), and other things like widgets and the blogroll seem to have to be moved by hand. Oh, and obviously I have to work with the theme (the most important thing in any web :^)

I will not write here anymore (I’ll leave it behind, as I left isilanes.blogspot.com), so you will be able to follow my new posts at handyfloss.net. Expect theme/widget/whatever changes there for a while, until I settle down a bit. It was fun to be here at WordPress.com, and I hope the fun goes on with the WordPress.org software (the one that powers my handyfloss.net blog) on DreamHost (or anywhere else).

See you there!


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New theme in blog

Posted by isilanes on November 5, 2007

I just changed the theme from Contempt to Andreas09. I will miss the custom header, and I liked the previous style just a little bit better than this one. But for me the former was too narrow. From time to time I write really long posts, and they look horrible if the text is not wide. I also want to be able to add pictures with the size I deem appropriate, not with a tiny size to fit in the narrow blog column. So, I will be sacrificing looks for the sake of readability.

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