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Answers Research Journal

Posted by isilanes on January 26, 2008

I have discovered the Answers Research Journal through a mention in Nature, and the ensuing humorous comments with my DIPC colleages. Basically ARJ is a pseudo-scientific journal, with dubious quality “peer-review” system, released with the aim of publishing creationist bullshit.

One of the latest articles, for example, deals with the fascinating question of on what Day of Creation did God create microbes.

I am seriously considering publishing two journals in the same vein: the IPUS (Invisible Pink Unicorn Science) and the PNJ Pastafarian Nature Journal).


2 Responses to “Answers Research Journal”

  1. human said

    I eagerly await the first issues of both the IPUS (PBUH) and the PNJ!

    By the way, not to spam your blog (much), but we’re having fun tracking these twoobs at rationalwiki.com/wiki/Answers_Research_Journal

    I have also heard elsewhere that they confused “peer reveiw” with “beer reveiw”.

  2. isilanes said

    Note: this blog has moved to handyfloss.net. You can follow this post at http://handyfloss.net/2008.01/answers-research-journal/

    Thanks! The URL http://rationalwiki.com/wiki has been added to my del.icio.us :^)

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