Because FLOSS is handy, isn’t it?

Homemade Minority Report-like finger tracker with a Wiimote

Posted by isilanes on December 17, 2007

When I see videos like the following, I always think two things:

  1. There are always freaks out there that will do anything with anything. They keep this world spinning, and I thank them for that.
  2. There are sooo many things that can be done with nowadays technology and a little bit of wit. Why don’t we see all that in stores? Nintendo, or anybody else, can’t do it? Or they don’t want to do it? In both cases… why? Obviously for marketing reasons, and because they want to maximize their benefit, not users’. The reader should think twice on that before assuming it’s natural.

You can page where I found it (actually somebody who found it told me) at Johnny Chung Lee’s page.


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