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Blackout summary VII

Posted by isilanes on August 28, 2007

Yesterday a new failure from Iberdrola turned the power supply of the whole campus off several times. So, here goes the updated list of blackouts I have been able to compile, with comments if any:

  1. 2007-Aug-27 (at least three short power failures, 5-10 minutes apart)
  2. 2007-May-19
  3. 2006-Oct-21 (they warned beforehand)
  4. 2006-Sep-14 (Orpheus fell, the DNSs fell, the DHCP servers fell)
  5. 2006-Jul-04 (Orpheus didn’t fall)
  6. 2006-Jun-16
  7. 2006-Jun-13
  8. 2006-Jun-08
  9. 2006-Jun-04
  10. 2006-May-26 (The card-based automated access to the Faculty broke down)
  11. 2005-Dec-21
  12. 2005-Dec-13

Summary: 12 blackouts in 621 days, or 51.8 dpb (days per blackout). 100 days since last blackout. Average dpb went up by 4.2.

First post in the series: here


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