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My uptime hits 60d

Posted by isilanes on May 31, 2007

Following the irrelevant custom begun with a post two an a half months ago, I’ll share my uptime data with the world again.

Short after my computer hitting 50d uptime (at the time of my previous post), I had to reboot it (I must admit it’s one of the 3 or 4 times in ten years that I had to reboot for technical reasons), so now it is “building up” uptime again. As of the writing of this post:

% uptime
10:55:22 up 61 days, 18:56,  1 user,  load average: 14.22, 14.37, 14.27

I fear I will have to shut it down sometime soon, because I will be moving to a new lab (the DIPC). I don’t know if someone will inherit my old computer and/or if it will be reformatted. Anyway, I’ll post every time a 20d milestone is hit (yes, just because I feel like it. Last time I checked, this was my blog. Got a problem? Sue me).

Now back to work.


One Response to “My uptime hits 60d”

  1. sylvainulg said

    hehe uptime is 114d 22:58 here ^_^, but i’m seriously considering restarting a fresh X session in a couple of weeks, because i’m facing more and more memory shortage with the firefox flash plugin 😛

    512 MB ought to be enough for every buddy.

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