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My music collection hits 6000 songs

Posted by isilanes on April 24, 2007

Following the “report” series started with my previous summary of info about the music collection I listen to, I will update that info in this post.

The information has been gathered in the following ways:

1) Music file count with the following Perl script:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;

chomp(my $cc_mp3 = `find /scratch/Music/CC/ -iname "*.mp3" | wc -l`);
chomp(my $cc_ogg = `find /scratch/Music/CC/ -iname "*.ogg" | wc -l`);
chomp(my $cd_mp3 = `find /scratch/Music/CDs/ -iname "*.mp3" | wc -l`);
chomp(my $cd_ogg = `find /scratch/Music/CDs/ -iname "*.ogg" | wc -l`);
chomp(my $jam_mp3 = `find /scratch/Music/Jamendo/ -iname "*.mp3" | wc -l`);
chomp(my $jam_ogg = `find /scratch/Music/Jamendo/ -iname "*.ogg" | wc -l`);

my $cc = $cc_mp3 + $cc_ogg; # all CC music not from Jamendo
my $cd = $cd_mp3 + $cd_ogg; # all commercial music (most from CDs, some from other sources)
my $jam = $jam_mp3 + $jam_ogg; # CC music from Jamendo

my $allcc = $cc + $jam; # all CC music

my $all = $allcc + $cd; # all music

my $mp3 = $cc_mp3 + $cd_mp3 + $jam_mp3; # all music in MP3
my $ogg = $cc_ogg + $cd_ogg + $jam_ogg; # all music in OGG

printf "Files: %5i\nCommercial: %5i\nJamendo: %5i\nOther CC: %5i\n",$all,$cd,$jam,$cc;
printf "In MP3: %5i\nIn OGG: %5i\n",$mp3,$ogg;

2) Playcount and other statistics, from the music player I listen to music with (Amarok). It also gives the file count, which I used to check the results of the script above.

3) Data in my public Last.fm profile. Visit Wikipedia to know more about Last.fm.

4) The du Linux command, for getting the disk usage.

Now the data (in parentheses the difference with respect to last report, 4 months ago).


Total files        6015 (+1000)  
  - Commercial     4164 (+220)  
  - Jamendo        1820 (+765)  
  - Other CC       31 (+0)
Total playtime     16d (+2d)
Disk usage         27GB (+5GB)
Artist count       718 (+91)
Album count        515 (+102)
MP3 count          0 (-1562)
OGG count          6015 (+2547)


Playcount          16744
Most played artist Joaquín Sabina - 1442 plays
Most played song   La del pirata cojo (J. Sabina) - 29 plays


Playcount          12446 (+1536)
Favorite artist    Frank Delgado - 91.5/100
Favorite song      Las cuatro y diez (L.E. Aute and S. Rodríguez) - 97/100

As you can see, I have converted all my MP3s to OGG, so I have dumped patented music file formats for good.

You can also notice that the Last.fm and the Amarok playcounts are not equal. This disagreement comes from three facts: both counters where not initialized at the same time, Last.fm is a web service that counts all the songs I play at work and at home, whereas the Amarok count I give is the one at my office computer only, and I am not sure that the threshold for Amarok for considering a song listened to is the same as the one for Amarok telling Last.fm that I listened to a song (e.g. if I skip a song after 10 seconds of playing, maybe it counts as “listened to” for Amarok’s database, but it is not long enough for Amarok to report the song as “listened to” to Last.fm).

It is also evident that my “favorite” song is not the one I have listened to most times. It has to be taken into account that a song is taken as “listened to” if it is played at least for some seconds, but not necessarily to the end. However, if you skip a song before it finishes, it receives negative points, even if it counts as listened to.


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