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Neo uses the same keyboard as I do!

Posted by isilanes on March 24, 2007

They are showing the movie The Matrix on TV right now, and I was casually watching it (not really caring much, because I had already seen it many times), when a top view of Neo’s desktop shows… this:

The image comes from a video I had recorded (the previous time they put it on TV), and I apologize for the low quality. In any case, you have my word that the white keyboard that appears in the movie is the kind of keyboard I use at work: one of those curved ones, with two separated key areas, one for each hand. I think some go under the name “Microsoft Natural Keyboard”, and I must admit they are one of the very few things M$ got right.

As a side note: I am looking desperately for another one (some) of those keyboards, but computer shops just won’t deliver them :^(


2 Responses to “Neo uses the same keyboard as I do!”

  1. sylvainulg said

    Oh well … the MS “natural keyboard”. I’m quite glad to hear that there are actually people who find it “natural”. It may be better for our wrist etc. but i’m actually using “regular” keyboards for ages (+20 yrs of funky programming), so when i went to martrinity’s place and had to write our assembly OS with that weird thing that gives you the feeling your hands are laying on a large ball rather than on a keyboard.

    Heh. That makes me thing “what kind of strange feeling would it make to have a natural keyboard with a trackpad in the middle” 😛

    (i’m here because i got the “TeX capacity exceeded” blues, btw)

  2. Iñaki Silanes said

    But you are not fair… Try using a natural keyboard for 20+ years, then going back to regular keyboards :^)

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