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My uptime hits 50d

Posted by isilanes on March 8, 2007

I am bored, working a little bit too much overtime, and I just realized that my work computer’s uptime exceeded 50 days today. Yes, this means that I last rebooted my computer 50 days ago.

I realize that this number is far from impressive, but I can’t help but compare it with the case of our only fellow workmate who uses Windows (XP). He once left his computer on and unattended for a couple of weeks (he went on a trip abroad), and to be fair Windows behaved: it didn’t crash. However, when he is working he religiously turns the computer off every evening, because (he says), “otherwise it eventually slows down to a crawl”. My beloved Debian runs as smoothly as the first day, after being on (and under heavy use) for almost two months.


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