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Linux in the metropolitan buses of Donostia

Posted by isilanes on March 3, 2007

Today I have taken the usual bus to the city center, and noticed that the monitors they have in the buses, showing general info and commercials, where blank. Well, not exactly blank: some white letters littered the black screens. “Oh, dear” – I thought – “another Windows crash”. Not quite: the messages the monitors where showing corresponded to GNU/Linux!!

Below you can see a photo I took. Click in the picture for full-size version.

I also took a second pic, without flash:

I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures, but taking photos of low-luminance screens in bright ambients, and inside a moving bus is not trivial (and my digital camera is not the best ever).

If one forces one’s eyes, the following fragments can be read:

* search_bg_key: invalid format found in block [...]
* is_leaf: free space seems wrong: level 1
* reiserfs_read_inode2: i/o failure ocurred trying to find [...]
* /home/terminal/datos/backup/20070217-def[...]-md5
* Unable to handle paging request at virtual address [...]

From my ignorance, it seems one hard disk failed, or maybe a connection (say, the USB cable to an external disk) was broken, or a device’s capacity exhausted. Of course, it might well be a failure of the OS (albeit quite unlikely, being GNU/Linux).

In any case, I was shocked to discover that the city council has decided to give Linux a go. Well done, Mr. Elorza!


3 Responses to “Linux in the metropolitan buses of Donostia”

  1. Julen said

    You are the crack! The Floss paparazzi who always has the camera when a computer crashes 😉
    This time, as in other ocasions like the ATM with Win98 ;), the computer crashed and you where there taking the picture for all us, the thing that makes this picture special is that it’s really difficult to take a Gnu/Linux crashed computer’s picture… you deserve a Pulitzer.
    Congratulations, you got it 🙂

  2. Iñaki Silanes said

    Mila esker, Julen.

    However, notice that I hardly believe that the computer crashed. Rather, I tend to assume that some human/hardware error happened (like “Oops, I forgot to plug in the USB key/external disk!”, or “Oops, I forgot you couldn’t fit a 2GB file into a 1GB hard disk!”, or “Mmm, looks like I shouldn’t have unplugged the USB key before unmounting it”).

  3. sylvainulg said

    my guess is that something like a power failure occured and that some of the device failed to reboot due to HDD state …

    otherwise, i don’t see why the device would have suddenly switched to console mode …

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