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Casino Royale

Posted by isilanes on December 22, 2006

This wednesday I watched James Bond’s movie Casino Royale (IMDb|FilmAffinity).

The film has had mixed reviews, with some people saying it’s “the best” Bond film ever, some others saying Daniel Craig fits in the James Bond role like a bulldog in a ballet. I’d say neither is correct. To me, the movie is quite good, and Craig is really well in his role. However, it is a bit too long (time passed quickly for me, though), and has a little too little action. Maybe it’s better that way. The plot is also ridiculous, with extra bits of non sequiturs and flat-out nonsenses, like Bond getting into the unattended security room of a hotel with no hassle whatsoever, not to speak of how fast he finds it (first door he opens, and that’s there). The actual logic of the plot, however, has never been the main point of any action movie, and Bond films are no exception, so “Casino Royale” is on pair with the others.

If you like James Bond, there is no reason why you shouldn’t stop reading this and hurry up to a cinema to watch it.


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