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I’m a Doctor!

Posted by isilanes on December 15, 2006

Let the world know it: I made my Ph.D. Thesis defense last tuesday, and I passed! From now on, people may refer to me as “Dr. Silanes” :^)

The title of the thesis was:

Ethylene Polymerization by Group IV Transition Metal Metallocenes

The presentation can be freely downloaded as a 3.2MB PDF. It was done using the PowerDot class for LaTeX. The PowerDot style used was designed by me (from the default style by H. Adriaens and C. Ellison), and is available as a .sty file.

The Thesis book itself can be downloaded under a Creative Commons license as a 6.1MB PDF (the PDF I link here is a very slightly modified version, with errata corrected).

Some pics to illustrate the defense day:

Giving explanations.

Good vibrations during the Tribunal’s question turn.

Serious, waiting for the calification.



One Response to “I’m a Doctor!”

  1. Carme said

    I’m happy for you, Dr. Silanes 😉


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