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Custom style in PowerDot

Posted by isilanes on November 28, 2006

Rembember I mentioned PowerDot for LaTeX? PowerDot is a LaTeX class to produce PowerPoint-like presentations. It creates PDFs that can be read fullscreen with any PDF reader, and turn out to be very nice looking presentations.

I am now fiddling with it, and wanted to do a custom style. I have read the PowerDot Manual[PDF], and it says all you have to do is to copy and rename an existing style, then modify it:

% cd /usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/latex/powerdot/
% cp powerdot-default.sty powerdot-isilanes.sty
% vi powerdot-isilanes.sty

Then, put style=isilanes in your .tex, et voilĂ !. Well, it fails misserably, saying (among the usual garbage):

! Class powerdot Error: unknown style `isilanes'.

But the .sty is there!

OK, the problem is that LaTeX “doesn’t know” you added the style. To remind it, in my Debian Etch box:

% dpkg-reconfigure tetex-base

or, much better (thanks to a comment by bjacquem):

% texhash

This seems to “refresh” the internal LaTeX database, and now it works.


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