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Children of Men

Posted by isilanes on November 10, 2006

I have watched Children of Men (FilmAffinity|IMDb), and I liked it very much.

The sinopsis is simple: in a near future (year 2027) the humankind has long lost the hability to procreate, so that the youngest persons on Earth are over 18. All nations have crashed, except Great Britain, were an oppressive social setup, close to a fascist regime, remains as the last stronghold of “civilization”. Needless to say, inmigration presure is brutal, as are counter-inmigration measures.

This scenario, and the story that is told, feels at first a bit unrealistic. There are a lot of details that make little sense, or one would think that can not happen. However, as the movie advances, one gets the scary feeling that it could happen. Suddenly, interpersonal relationships, politics, economics… don’t seem a bit “sci-fi”, but rather, one starts to fear them, for their realism.

I would not like a future like that, but the most frightening thing is that it is one of the most verisimilar cataclismic futures in science fiction movies I’ve seen.

Except for one thing: nowadays (much less in 20 years’ time) it is not to fear an eventual extintion of mankind just because men and/or women are infertile, since artificial procreation means are available, even clonation if need be. There would be hard times, and humankind would not be the same… but it would surely survive.


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