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Blackout summary V

Posted by isilanes on October 26, 2006

Last saturday, Iberdrola suspended the electrical power suply for a couple of hours. The only good thing is that they warned beforehand. The bad part is that they said that they’d cut it on tuesday, which they didn’t, for no apparent reason. Then, they actually cut it on saturday.

Here goes the updated list of blackouts I have been able to compile, with comments if any:

  1. 2005-Dec-13
  2. 2005-Dec-21
  3. 2006-May-26 (The card-based automated access to the Faculty broke down)
  4. 2006-Jun-04
  5. 2006-Jun-08
  6. 2006-Jun-13
  7. 2006-Jun-16
  8. 2006-Jul-04 (Orpheus didn’t fall)
  9. 2006-Sep-14 (Orpheus fell, the DNSs fell, the DHCP servers fell)
  10. 2006-Oct-21 (they warned beforehand)

Summary: 10 blackouts in 311 days, or 31.1 dpb (days per blackout). 37 days since last blackout. Average dpb went up by 0.7.

First post in the series: here


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