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The music industry is in crisis

Posted by isilanes on October 19, 2006

Being a fan of Jamendo and CC music in general, the discographic lobby might have tagged me as a disruption vector. After all, I am worse than a “pirate”: I do not buy commercial CDs but the music I listen to has been legally acquired.

Well, this is not strictly true. I do buy CDs, from time to time. Just yesterday, I spent 69.40 eur in CDs!! However, I never (seldom) buy trendy music, for the simple reason that CDs over 9.00 eur are almost invisible for me.

The list of what I bought:

  • El infierno es demasiado dulce (Eskorbuto) – 8.25 eur
  • En tránsito (J.M. Serrat) – 10.65 eur
  • Loco por incordiar (Rosendo) – 8.30 eur
  • Física y Química (J. Sabina) – 8.75 eur
  • Bolsillos (Pedro Guerra) – 2.25 eur
  • Valle de Lágrimas and Aparejo de Fortuna (Javier Krahe) – 10.75 eur both
  • Versiones Originales (Pérez Prado) – 5.75 eur 2CDs
  • Pájaros en la cabeza (Amaral) – 5.95 eur
  • Planeta Eskoria (SKA-P) – 8.75 eur

Total: 11 CDs at 6.40 eur each avg.


One Response to “The music industry is in crisis”

  1. Anonymous said

    You have bad taste in music.
    Anyway, get an account in
    http://rateyourmusic.com/ it’s a lot of fun. Ondo ibili.

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