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SSH connection without password

Posted by isilanes on October 6, 2006

[Update (01/03/2008): see new post in my new blog, handyfloss.net]
[Update (24/03/2007): see new post on subject]

Following Txema’s wonderful explanations, and translating from Basque a Dec 2, 2002 e-mail, here they go the instructions to connect from computer A to B via SSH, without computer B ever asking for our password.

Notice that it is not a security breach, because we are allowing a certain computer A (and user) to connect to B. Of course, if A is somehow compromised, then applying this recipe would give the attacker hability to connect from A to B with no hassle. If you fear computer A being compromised, then don’t do it.

On the other hand, it can actually be a hardening of the security of computer B. If only a certain user of A is allowed to connect to B without password, and then remote passwords are deactivated (making that, if you need to input a password, you can not connect), then a cracker breaking into A would have to first break into the account of that certain user to access B. Otherwise, no other user is allowed to try to connect to B from A.

Whatever…. Let’s get going:

In computer A, generate a DSA key for that machine (and account):

ssh-keygen -t dsa

This creates the following file at ~/.ssh/:


The contents of such file should be copy-pasted (beware line-breaking, because it is a single, very long, line) into B, namely into a file called (create if doesn’t exist, append to it if it exists) ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2.

Now, the A user in whose ~/.ssh/ resides the id_dsa.pub, will be able to connect without password to the B computer account of the user in whose ~/.ssh/ is the authorized_keys2 file.


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