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Installing Ubuntu Dapper Drake

Posted by isilanes on October 1, 2006

After failing misserably to run Xgl in Debian Etch, I decided to install Ubuntu Dapper Drake (which allegedly supports it) in a spare partition of my hard disk. Below is the timeline of such an instalation:


Turn on computer, insert Ubuntu CD. Choose “run the CD as a LiveCD“. See it loading.


The LiveCD has booted, and I already have a fully functioning GNOME desktop. I spend 2 minutes playing around.


Select a link for “install Ubuntu on the hard disk”, and answer a couple of questions (username, password, language, time zone, keyboard layout), and off it goes…


It starts copying files to the hard disk.


Everything done. Asked whether I wanted to go on using the LiveCD by now, or directly restart to use the Ubuntu installed on disk. I choose the latter.


I am presented with GDM, which asks me to log in.


I am already inside GNOME, running my freshly installed Ubuntu OS!!


4 minutes for LiveCD working 100%, 20 minutes for full installation.


2 Responses to “Installing Ubuntu Dapper Drake”

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