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Sudaku released

Posted by isilanes on September 3, 2006

I previously posted about the sudoku fever that had attacked my family. I have found amusing solving some sudokus, but what I really thought was interesting was making a computer program to solve them automatically. Not that it would be more “challenging” (some sudokus are quite difficult), just more fun for me.

OK, so that I did, and today I have released a Perl program that (hopefully) solves any sudoku we feed to it. The program is called Sudaku (well, one sweats when solves a sudoku, doesn’t one?), and can be freely downloaded from my home page. I have licensed it under the GPLv2.

Yes, I know there are other sudoku solvers around, probably better than mine, on top of that. However, I just wanted to make it, and releasing it may help someone, or (more probably) even me, if some better programers than me out there e-mail me proposing changes/corrections.

What the heck, I just felt like releasing it! :^)


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