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Sudoku fever

Posted by isilanes on August 20, 2006

I had resisted the social pressure to start making Sudokus until this August. I just didn’t want to make them “because they are fashionable”.

However, I have finally succumbed, and tried them. I have to say that (unlike my parents, who are hooked), I found them mildly amusing. Yes, they are entertaining, and yes, they can be quite difficult sometimes. I can not say that they bore me because they are too easy, or desperate me because they are too difficult. I enjoy them, just I don’t go crazy over them.

An anecdote about the matter is that one day my father and I went to a newsagent’s looking for a booklet of Sudokus, but found none in the pastimes section. We were puzzled, because Sudokus are such a hit, and a newsagent’s not selling them made no sense. We asked the seller, and she pointed to another section: the Sudoku section. They had devoted a whole section to them! Now, that made sense :^)


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