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GoDaddy… sucks?

Posted by isilanes on August 8, 2006

The only information I previously had about the web hosting company GoDaddy was that they massively changed some “parked” domains from GNU/Linux to MS Windows machines (see new in Netcraft.com and Menéame[es]). “Parked” domains are URLs that have owner, but no content (e.g. they have been “reserved” for future use). As such, they do not need any security or high performance, so switching from Linux/Apache to Windows/IIS was meaningless. The objective of this movement was just propagandistic: most likely MS bribed them to switch, so that they could say: “Hey, IIS has 3.5M more web pages, and Apache 3.5M less! It shows that IIS is gaining market!”. Pathetic.

However, bad news from GoDaddy are far from over. I just read at Javi Moya’s blog[es], the lack of professionality of its tech support[es].

It seems that not only customers are angry: some ex-employees are, also. One even made a web page to comment how much GoDaddy sucks.


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