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Tu vida en 65 minutos

Posted by isilanes on August 3, 2006

Yesterday I watched Tu vida en 65′, a Catalan movie about three young men who mistankenly attend the funeral of a guy they thought was their friend, but isn’t, and some existential questions follow.

I have posted a comment of this movie (in Spanish) at FilmAffinity.com.

The movie is not bad, but it is no masterpiece. Often times “strange” movies are mistaken for “high quality” movies, and I think that this one slips towards the former, rather than the latter.

This is an unconventional movie, with some skillful use of techniques, shots and photography, but some other ingredients are lacking. The story is OK, but the script is irregular, and some things (e.g. the ending) are difficult to understand. There are very humorous moments, and also sad ones, but they just don’t cut it.

The acting is not academy award-winning, but is correct in general. However, I didn’t like the main actor (Javier Pereira), at all. I don’t know if it was the actor’s or the character’s fault, but he had a frightening wako face all through the film. He had the eyes too wide open, and the face of someone expecting something, like one is during the seconds between asking a girl for a date, and her answer… just Pereira has this face the whole 93 minutes.

I expected more from that movie.


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