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Scary Movie 4

Posted by isilanes on July 14, 2006

Yesterday I watched Scary Movie 4. Yes, it is not the kind of movie I’d choose in ideal conditions, but first there wasn’t really much to choose from, and second I went to the cinema with a friend who was less than willing to watch something like The road to Guantanamo, or The assassination of Richard Nixon. So Scary Movie 4 be it.

At this point, I guess everyone knows that the Scary Movie series satirizes the horror movies in general, making parodies of some selected ones (for example, for that one they chose War of the worlds, The Village, and Saw I and II). Not only they poke fun at some movies, but also to popular characters as the stupid scientology advocate Tom Cruise, and the incredibly inept and fanatic George Bush, elected head of the UN “for his genuine wit”, as they say, ironically, in the movie. These two persons were elected among the five dumbest persons in the USA last year by their fellow citizens, by the way.

As for the movie itself, it is funny, but not wicked funny. It has a couple of really good spoofs, but they try to make so many jokes, about so many movies/characters, that 75% of the jokes are a bit flat.

Not a bad movie, but definitely perfectible.


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