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Posted by isilanes on June 23, 2006

This week I am late with my chronicle of the movie I have watched, as every week, on wednesday. Real life sucks. Or at least, sucks one’s attention into it, which is similar.

The movie I will comment is Kurt Wimmer’s Ultraviolet (Ultravioleta), starring Milla Jovovich.

Now, we have a bad ass female main character, delivering a fair amount of pain and death into unsuspecting dummies, who just happen to pass by, or (idiots!) put themselves in her way. It reminds one of movies like Aeon Flux, Underworld, and Resident Evil (in which Jovovich also starred), and, like the three of them, it is a smelly piece of crap. And I am sorry to say so, because I am quite a fan of Jovovich.

I would like to say that these movies pack some action that saves them from oblivion… but that would be too kind a thing to say. Really good action is more than senseless special effects, pretty bullet-time scenes, or people shooting and kicking each other.

The heroine of this movie, like most others, is clearly inspired by William Gibson’s Neuromancer series character Molly Millions (by the way, Gibson’s books are very recommendable), as all modern cute-looking butt-kicking killing-machine girls are (think of Trinity in The Matrix). A kind of action heroine who is not like Molly Millions would be, for example, Lt. Ripley in Alien. She is also effective in her fight against the enemy, but she actually struggles and suffers, and doesn’t have ultra-fast reflexes, strenght and speed, with a weapon use that would make John Rambo go pale, and a martial art expertise akin to that of Bruce Lee on top of Tony Jaa, and then throw in some Neo skillz for good measure.

The movie Ultraviolet is too hard to follow, too little explained, too ilogical, and too silly. All in all, don’t expect much if you go to watch it. Or better still, save your money for another movie.


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