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Tiempo de valientes

Posted by isilanes on June 15, 2006

Yesterday I watched the Argentinian movie Tiempo de valientes, and I have to say it is a superb movie.

Like many Argentinian movies, it tells the story of everyday people whose life goes through tough times, but at the same time the story is full of humour. No wonder it is like that, since the Argentinian real life is much like that, with a brittle economy since the corralito in 2002, but with humorous and optimistic citizens, nontheless.

The movie Tiempo de valientes, however, is not a tragic comedy, but an action comedy. The main characters are a policeman in need of psychologycal aid, and the psychologist who assists him. As the movie moves on, the latter becomes more and more involved in the professional affairs of the former, with interesting results. It portrays the Argentinian society also in the fact that the economic problems make corruption abound, specially within the police, but still some honest people save the day with their good practices.

Highly recommendable movie. Go ahead and enjoy it!


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