Because FLOSS is handy, isn’t it?


Posted by isilanes on June 1, 2006

Yesterday I watched X-Men III: The Last Stand (X-Men III: La decisión final). It delivers what is expected: good action and a poor script, although the plot itself (“what happens”) is not that bad.

I have always thought that the most captivating idea of the X-Men series is the struggle of people that is “different” to fit in the society, and not to be segregated and prosecuted. This movie takes the idea a step further, because a mutant appears that puts fear into other mutants (much as mutants scare regular human beings), which, to me, should make them think on where the injust segregation ends and safety enforcemente begins… Thorny issue, now I think of it.

All in all, a good action movie, but don’t expect Macbeth.


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