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Posted by isilanes on May 25, 2006

Last night I went to see the movie Chaos (Caos).

It is a decent movie, with some thriller ingredients, following the “misterious” bank robbery theme I also saw in Inside man (Plan oculto). Here the plot is, maybe, more developed, but less perfect. It is not evident why some things happen, and the inclusion of chaos theory into the plot is irrelevant, but it has the makings of a good thriller, in which details fit together as the movie goes on. Not perfectly, but they do fit.

As a little warning, do not expect incredible amounts of action, just because Statham and Snipes are starring. It has some action, but the main dish is the plot itself.

Barring some holes in the script, and the usual unbelievable bits (some explosions, some bad guys escaping miraculously… you know, those things), I’d say it is well worth watching.


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