Because FLOSS is handy, isn’t it?

Windows eye candy sucks

Posted by isilanes on May 15, 2006

There was a time when Windows users would say there weren’t games that run under Linux.

There was a time when Windows users would say that Linux was technically inferior.

Later they would end up accepting that it was indeed technically superior, but that it would not catch on people because it was difficult to install and use.

Now, with distros like SUSE or Ubuntu, which are easier to install than Windows, they resort to saying that Windows does and will reign in the desktop, because they have had years of development, whereas Linux “consists on sucky black terminals with fosforescent text”.

OK, check about XGL on Linux. Both Linux and Windows (Vista) are able to move and resize windows with transparencies, shades, and elasticity effects… now, you can read here (Spanish), how a guy opened 17 simultaneous High Definition videos with transparencies and real time shades on his Linux Box, while Windows would barely cope with one or two. Check the videos in that page, and think again about Linux and his “sucky black terminals”.


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