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Heracles screenshot

Posted by isilanes on May 1, 2006

Heracles is the name of my computer at home. I have been “tuning” it this weekend, and I think the result is reasonably attractive. I am publishing a screenshot (see below) of the resulting desktop, partly to show off, and partly to keep a history of the evolution of the looks of my desktop.

The screenshot shows three different adesklets, namely Calendar 0.5.3, modubar 0.0.1 and SystemMonitor 0.1.3. The modubar is currently docking the icons for Konsole, Firefox (currently highlighted by the cursor), amaroK, OpenOffice, TVTime, Quake IV, and the Xfce settings. As I write these lines, I am considering getting new icons :^)

The icons of the bottom-right corner correspond to the Xfce Icon Box, a nifty program to show the icons of the currently open windows (in this case, amaroK, Konsole and Firefox).

The black texts correspond to two Conky instances. The top-left one gives general info, and the bottom-right one tells me how much Internet traffic I have had the last days and months. This is not trivial, since my ISP (Euskaltel) overcharges me if I download+upload more than 4GB/month.

The desktop environment is Xfce, and the Linux distro it is running on is Debian.


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