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Disney on copyright violations

Posted by isilanes on April 25, 2006

Suposedly it is an old story, but I found out about it today (pages one visits when staying too late at work).

The “content makers”, like film studios, singers, writers and so on, are day and night stressing how important it is to respect the copyright holders and not to pirate, in order to have the authors get their fair pay for their hard work…

Now, how freaking hypocritical is this, coming from a company who made this! What the link shows is that the Disney company blatantly copied the story, characters and scenario of a previous (old) Japanese movie called Kimba The White Lion.

The story goes like this: Disney “thinks” they own the rights, and start saying they are going to make a remake. Later on, they find out they don’t own such rights, so they start saying their movie is completely original, and denying that any of them knew anything about that Japanese Kimba thing. Truly outrageous.


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