Because FLOSS is handy, isn’t it?

Blog name

Posted by isilanes on April 17, 2006

Today I changed the name of this blog from an unappealing Iñaki Silanes’ Blog to an intendedly witty handyfloss. I was going to name it Mental floss, but the name is taken :^(

The new name fuses the british expression candyfloss (meaning “something attractive but insubstantial”, according to the Merrian-Webster OnLine dictionary) and the acronym FLOSS (which stands for “Free (Libre) Open-Source Software”).

*some minutes patting myself on the back, for being so witty and humorous*

I *ehem* humbly *ehem* think that the word neatly sums up the message I want to transmit with the blog: that the free software is useful!


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