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Dumb and dumber

Posted by isilanes on April 3, 2006

Today I came by train to Donostia, and when crossing the Maria Cristina bridge, out of the station, I met a woman giving away a free gazette called Metro Directo (which I believe is published in many places around the world).

Among the news I read while coming to the faculty by bus, one struck me (well, not really): a survey has been made among 1045 people in the USA (a fairly small sample, I’d say. Still meaningfull, however), to find out who people considered “most stupid person of the USA”.

The Top Five are:

1 – Michael Jackson
2 – Dick Cheney and Paris Hilton (ex aequo)
4 – George W. Bush
5 – Tom Cruise


Now, how sad is it that both the President and the Vice-President of a country are found by their fellow citizens to be second in stupidity only to Michael Jackson and Paris Hilton?


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