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CC Music

Posted by isilanes on March 29, 2006

Just as in the USA they have the RIAA, here we have the SGAE, which “takes care” of the artists , composers, writers and so on. In the suspicion that what they defend are the interests of discography lobbys, and fed up with the whole “music business”, I turned my eyes to the music released under a Creative Commons (CC) license.

So far I haven’t had time to dive too deep in this world, but I have come across a very interesting resource for such music, namely a French site called Jamendo. All the music there is free to download, hear, burn, share, and probably broadcast (there are different CC licenses, some more restricting than others). Go ahead and give it a try, folks!


One Response to “CC Music”

  1. Lonore said

    Realmente interesante este “jamendo”…en cuanto pueda me pondré a investigarlo.
    Gracias Iñaki por tu aportación a los forofos de la música buscandonos nuevas paginas en las que bajarnos temitas.;-)ayysss

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